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An Auction for World Charity

Role Call
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So this is the point at which I ask for people who are interested in participating to drop a comment in this post, letting me know. 

How the Whole Thing Works
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What Can I Do?

Well, there are two main ways to take part in this auction: Offerer and Bidder.

  • Offerer - The offerer places his or her items up for auction, with a starting bid and the charity they want the winning bid to go to, then they just have to make sure to follow through on it once the auction is over.
  • Bidder - The bidder is the person who is looking to donate money to a cause, and when they do it here they get a nifty little reward. All the bidder has to do is browse through the offerings and place bids, and be able to donate the winning amount once the auction ends.

What can I offer?

You can offer whatever it is that you have available to offer: your cooking skills, your clothing making skills, your art and writing skills. Fanfiction, regular fiction, art, macros, videos, food, hand made jewelry, clothing. Really, the sky is the limit! 

How does it work?

It's actually pretty simple, and we owe a ton of kudos to [info]help_haiti for offering us such a wonderful example. There will be different sections of the auction, e.g. fiction, art, food related, etc, in which offerers can put up their items. When the auction ends the winning bids are sent directly to the agreed upon organization/charity. The winning bidder will then forward their donation receipt to the offerer whose bid they won, or to the mod email. We'll set up a special post for commenting on confirmed bids, and once the confirmation deadline is up we'll post an entry for commenting on winning bids that haven't been confirmed.


Well ask away! We're eager to help!

Organizations and Charities
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This list is by no means definitive. It you have a charity that you support then drop us a comment so we can add it on here.

Our Mission
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Today's society is faced with a multitude of social and environmental issues:

  • Human trafficking
  • Poverty
  • Starvation
  • The AIDs pandemic
  • Widespread diseases, such as malaria, that are treatable if medicine could be afforded
  • Cancer research
  • Bride Burning
  • Female genital mutilation
  • The need for clean and renewable energy
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Prejudice based on sexual orientation
  • Birth Control availability and comprehensive sexual education

These are crises that we, as a species, must unite to help solve.

Our SolutionCollapse )

Help_Humanity strives to bring together the talented members of all fandoms on LJ, and all the wonderfully generous viewers, in an auction to help humanity. Bring us your baked goods, your writing and art! Bring us your fanvids and your macros! Bring us your home made jewelry, your sculptures and your noodle drawings! There will be sections in this auction for everything that you could think to contribute.